It’s a way to keep accounts in a systematic mannerThere was a time when wants of people were very limitedBut as the wants increased everyone tried to increase the resourcesBy increasing resources man can satisfy their wants very easilyBy increasing resources exchanged of the commodity also increasesBut as the time go on transactions is done using the moneyCommodities were exchanged using the moneyEvery commodity was get exchanged using the moneySimply evolution has done.


As the time goes business activities increasedWith this complication in business also increasedFor maintaining all activities of business recording of the transactions is doneThe process of systematic recording of transaction is called as “Book-keeping.”

Meaning and Definition:

Is the process of recording business transactions in the books of accounts in a systematic mannerIn book-keeping, all transactions are recorded date wiseA Person who records the transactions called as an AccountantWho shows the business transactions and results at the end of the financial yearThe system of double entry was originated in Italy, Luca De Bergo Pacioli in the year 1494Book-keeping is an art of recording day-to-day business transactions in the books of accounts in a systematic manner.

Definition of Book-Keeping

J.RBatilobi: “Book-keeping is an art of recording business dealings in a set of books.”

Richard EStrahelm: “The of analyzing and recording business transactions, reporting results of business operations through periodic statements and interpreting such results for purpose of effective control of future operations.”

Features of Book-keeping

  • Book-keeping is the process of recording business transactions.
  • Use for recording monetary transactions.

Books related to bookkeeping

Book-keeeping  essentials  -Steven MBragg

Basically this book includes 18 chapters divided into four partsVery good for bookkeeping    This      book includes

  • How to process Payroll
  • How to create financial statement
  • How to create a chart of account
  • How to manage your cash
  • How to complete bank reconciliation
  • How does Bookkeeper interact with a CPA


Bookkeeping – Jane EKelly, Paul Barrow, Lita Epstin

Full Charge Bookkeeping – Nick JDecandia (CPA)



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